One who is blatantly talking a load of bullshit.
Shut up, you fucking shithouse
by Tom February 21, 2005
a house made from shit using a shitbrick
that house is made of shit
by baz August 08, 2004
bad ass art collaborative
Hey, did you see or what? Man that that shit is badass!
by Dagwood April 27, 2004
Something unpleasurable. See annoying, boring, horrible, sad, gay.
This game is shithouse.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
quite simpaly a house full of shit
Look at this place its like a shit house
by Dannyboi October 27, 2004
The best house in a small college town in WI. It is named so because of the brownish color, but the girls inside are the greatest and hottest partiers in the whole college. 8 shithouse girls forever!
John: Did you hear about that awesome party tonight?

Jake: Yeah man it's at the shithouse i wouldn't miss it for the WORLD..those girls are great!!
by rentflejs November 08, 2005
A "Shit House" is what you call someone who is very ugly.
"Look at that guy over there with the mullet, what a shit house.
by Tonto November 18, 2004

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