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An adjective used to descirbe something or someone that is completely butt ugly or totally screwed up.
"Did you see that shitassed afghan that Lori received as a gift from her bloo haired Aunt GladAss?? The ugliest thing I ever was totally shitassed!"
by WitchyPOO April 06, 2004
By drinking many YooHoo's you feel the need that you have diarrhea. Like shit faced, but with YooHoo's instead.
My friends and I decided to get shit assed last night. I had diarrhea all night and the next day.
by DH&MW October 21, 2007
When you are finished taking a crap and know that there is a mess to be cleaned up.
"Man, I was out of TP and had to get up all shit assed from the toilet to get another roll."
by nuttinbettr2do August 30, 2008
When something is dead broken beyond repair, it is shit assed.
OMG, Windows Vista is so shit assed.
by BobBurma March 07, 2009
(Chiefly Southern U.S.) Deliberately obstreporous, stubborn, defiant, mean-spirited or difficult, often in a disagreeably passive-aggressive fashion.
A. Amy Winehouse comes to the mic with a real shit-assed attitude that may have cost her some popularity with American audiences.


B. Okay! Okay! We'll do it your way! But you don't have to be so shit-assed about it!
by david lincoln brooks June 04, 2008
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