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1. A hillbilly term used to define someone undesirable.
2. Also can refer to someone's ass, when covered in shit.
Jethro: Bill Bob come over here and help me plant some of these Bush for president signs over yander!
Billy Bob: I'm in the union, I'm voting Democratic.
Jethro: Well Shit! Yer nothin' but a shit ass demoncrat!

2. When I crapped my pants at walmart, everyone said I had a shit ass.
by LarryF October 15, 2005
When someone (Clint) goes in the bathroom when someone else has to take a dump(PC).
I have to go to the bathroom but Clint just dump blocked the bathroom.
by LarryF August 25, 2006
When someone who sits next to you at work and wears the same pants for 5 consecutive days.
Please don't tell me he is wearing his stankpants again!
by LarryF September 12, 2006
A term used by redneck, rightwing, inbred, low class, foolish, religious fundamentalists to describe liberals or progressives. They see the Democrats' fight to help the poor and repressed as something being demonic. Because as Pat Robinson tells us, "if a man is poor, he shall not eat."
1. Hey you baby murdering demoncrat, stop feeding those homeless people right now!
by LarryF October 15, 2005
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