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By drinking many YooHoo's you feel the need that you have diarrhea. Like shit faced, but with YooHoo's instead.
My friends and I decided to get shit assed last night. I had diarrhea all night and the next day.
by DH&MW October 21, 2007
9 2
An adjective used to descirbe something or someone that is completely butt ugly or totally screwed up.
"Did you see that shitassed afghan that Lori received as a gift from her bloo haired Aunt GladAss?? The ugliest thing I ever saw....it was totally shitassed!"
by WitchyPOO April 06, 2004
7 0
When you are finished taking a crap and know that there is a mess to be cleaned up.
"Man, I was out of TP and had to get up all shit assed from the toilet to get another roll."
by nuttinbettr2do August 30, 2008
1 1
When something is dead broken beyond repair, it is shit assed.
OMG, Windows Vista is so shit assed.
by BobBurma March 07, 2009
1 2
(Chiefly Southern U.S.) Deliberately obstreporous, stubborn, defiant, mean-spirited or difficult, often in a disagreeably passive-aggressive fashion.
A. Amy Winehouse comes to the mic with a real shit-assed attitude that may have cost her some popularity with American audiences.


B. Okay! Okay! We'll do it your way! But you don't have to be so shit-assed about it!
by david lincoln brooks June 04, 2008
3 26