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Its slang for the word hash. It is a derivative of the word hashingle, which is another nickname for the word hash. Typically it is used by drug dealers who sell the hash in bulk. It is one of the predominant terms used in the country Morocco, which is the hash capitol of the world.
"You gonna sprinkle any shing on that bowl?"

"I smoked a whole block of shing to my dome and passed out in my buddy's flowerbed"

"You don't have any weed? It's all good son i got shing!"
by coach bostic June 25, 2009
The sound that Wolverine's retractable adamantium claws make when he ejects them.
When the X-Men assaulted the Sentinel base, Wolverine was like, "Shing!" and started chopping heads.
by Artie Fufkin July 10, 2008
1. The sound of a sword being drawn from its scabbard.
2. The polar opposite of "Shang".
3. An annoying bald person whom is immutably set in his ways.
When the enemy was upon him, he pulled his sword, "Ol Pointy" from it's sheath with a mighty "Shhhhhinng"!

That Shing is sure set in his ways.
by Bulbous August 23, 2005
the one who will rule your country (whichever one it is) someday
Oh no, Shing is coming, he's gonna take away all our beautiful babes and fucks them silly
by Shing November 19, 2003
(v) to peel/take off something.
I shing my banana's peel before I eat it.
by KataLovesYou January 05, 2011
Elsa Washington
My friend is elsa washings!
by Kathsaaaaaaaaaa January 23, 2010
A phrase of mild discouragement, much the way 'great' is used ironically when something lame happens.

A variation of shing is shule.
"I lent you my best CDs and you lost them? Shing."
by Pepper February 22, 2005

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