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Means deliciuos and it is a Brazilian slang used for indicating that the person is enjoying the sex.
Que delicia, please don't stop!
It's delicious, please don't stop!
by The Brazilian January 24, 2008
name means delicious.

Loves to be around people. She is a party person. Always has a story.

She laughs about everything. And can enchant almost anyone.

She can make many friends. She was few true friends, and many used friends.

a person with this name tends to be guileful.

Delicia has a way with being approachable, communicative & gregarious.
Having a way of enchanting others and bringing them in.
She will be mendacious, use anyone for her own egocentric goals.

This person tends to have control issues. If she can't control it, there is an issue.

Delicia has a difficult time being faithful in any relationship.

However, she can entice almost anyone she desires to have.

Always misrepresenting her past to make people feel sorry for her.

This is how she can get anything she wants out of the relationship.
1: "I was just dating him cause i knew he would buy me a laptop."
2: "Man, you're a regular Delicia."
by Ester Collens November 22, 2013
a person who kills cats and blames it on other people. But everyone still loves her.
delicia "accidently" slamming a cat into a refrigerator.
by nikkeke May 07, 2010
A person/persons who have a very loud mouth
Stop being a delicia its annoying.
by Emily Carter September 02, 2006

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