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4 definitions by Bulbous

W00t is a short expression of joy. In hindsight, reverse engineering has erronoeusly determined that this is an acronym for "we own the other team", but of couse that is patently absurd.
W00t never stood for "we own the other team"
by Bulbous August 07, 2005
686 401
1. The sound of a sword being drawn from its scabbard.
2. The polar opposite of "Shang".
3. An annoying bald person whom is immutably set in his ways.
When the enemy was upon him, he pulled his sword, "Ol Pointy" from it's sheath with a mighty "Shhhhhinng"!

That Shing is sure set in his ways.
by Bulbous August 23, 2005
15 17
Any major egghead rocket scientist, typically low in hair count, having a high forehead and predisposition towards Linux operating systems.
Look at that useless Wik in his pretentious lab coat.
by Bulbous August 23, 2005
6 9
A Hector is any extremely hirsute person, typically of very swarthy skin tone. Hectors are commonly found in tropical areas, but are quite far-ranging. In more temperate areas with lesser amounts of sunshine, Hectors are known to absorb available sunlight, lessening the amounts available to others. This absorption of sunlight often causes them to sweat profusely, sometimes resulting in an unpleasant odour. See Hector smells.
Will somebody please get that nasty Hector off the beach, he's frightening the tourists.
by Bulbous August 23, 2005
49 188