1. Jewelry
"You can't look at him directly because of all his shine."
by nvcrisosto October 27, 2008
To insult someone in front of other people.
Damn yo that girl was shining on yo ass and you ain't say nothing to hit her back.
by Kraze-n-Daze January 19, 2005
To give oral sex
hey, sarah, give us a shine
by sher March 08, 2003
to pass on an offer
nah it's cool. i'ma shine.
by nguyenfunk November 04, 2002
A disease (not unlike leprosy) in which the genitalia of a man shines like a glistening ocean immediately before it falls off.
John: Dude, that chick totally gave me the shine.

Robert: Wow, man. I only have The Jack
by condenser May 08, 2011
leaving, arriving, backing up in an auto, weapon on person,
"Shine incarceration"
by noixz January 15, 2009
to wield a weapon or to have a weapon on you

origin: the teen murder-mystery movie Brick starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
An example of this is when Brenden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in Brick is attacked by a pothead with a knife.

He says, "He shines a blade."
by ja_me_kah June 13, 2007

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