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Any sort of bling or expensive thing that glistens or "shines" in the light that shows you have excessive amounts of money (Rims, diamonds, gold, silver, etc.)
"Everyday a new whip hommie, So you know I gets my shine on"- Birdman in his song 100 Million
by LordNMac April 20, 2009
A term used in business, or customer service to refer to a black person.
"You have a few shines waiting for you out there."
"Oh, just great!"
by TomatoTom September 15, 2007
A shine, commonly known as a blowjob. To shine, the act of giving head, sucking cock.
A shiner, one who gives many blowjobs
"That sket shines like the sun!"
by superstu November 20, 2004
Whiskey usually of the homemade variety.
Yo, lemme have a jigga o' dat shine.
Jigga is equal to 1.5 oz of booze.
by Homey Claws October 13, 2003
alcohol made from homemade still
That shine will makes ya' blind!
by Jerry April 06, 2003
a black person: used when black people would shine shoes
"Look at all these shines in the city!" "Help, a shine is trying to steal my car!"
by ljhghe January 19, 2009
to blow up, to be on top
Itz time for me to shine.
by Andy November 18, 2003