to wield (as with a weapon)
"he shines a blade."
by Marcgallen May 28, 2006
trickery done by a sneaky individual, particularly a libra
look at ronalds monkey-shine's
by BP August 05, 2004
A racist (pejorative) word for black people. Every bit as offensive as "nigger."
After calling that black dude a "shine," I think he's going to have to go back to Alabama to pick up the remainder of his teeth.
by The Doctor November 07, 2004
completely expose and engulf in full glory of light and righteousness
SHINE Jesus shine
by Humpty October 08, 2003
to reveal ones genitals
"dude that bitch just shined me, it was awesome"
by jessie and mariah October 31, 2004
Another way of saying "hell no!"
I could use another smoke...on second though, SHINE!
by ignorant mofo June 02, 2003
A loser...a true bitch
The queen of bitchland...a real weirdo, unlike any other and jus an all-around bitch
Damn that Shine is a bitch!
by babu thomas November 21, 2003

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