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is to intentionaly ignore a person that you know
Paul shined me on yesterday while walking past him and he clearly saw me
by Famefresno January 05, 2010
Short for moonshine. Usually used to ask someone whether they're drunk, because shine is hard shit.
"Have you been at the 'shine again?"
by AJAW November 05, 2007
japanese word for "die"
Shine, baka! means Die, idiot!
by kaos_dawn November 09, 2006
(adv.) Refusal to an offer or a refusal in general.
Boy 1: "Hey Billy, do you want to go to the park?"

Boy 2: "Shine!"

Boy 1: "Okay, then why don't we go to a movie?"
by James Williamson June 25, 2005
a verb that describes a certain attribute. shining means you're alive. doing well. killing college tests. ANTIPROGRAM. referring to nice teeth. my oh my what a good smile.

people often shine for each other. so they don't get lost.

a very good compliment, though cannot be used for everyone as not everyone can shine.

also: sparkle and shine
TfullLegend is a superhero. He shines bright like the sun, has great asian hair, and he enjoys saving girls from boarding schools.
by Ethan al Yousef Ben Gaba May 27, 2009
1. Jewelry
"You can't look at him directly because of all his shine."
by nvcrisosto October 27, 2008
To insult someone in front of other people.
Damn yo that girl was shining on yo ass and you ain't say nothing to hit her back.
by Kraze-n-Daze January 19, 2005