to shine-
1. when you accept an invitation to attend any sort of event and you don't go or like standing someone up.
2. to ignore, be rude to, or to betray friends.
1. You totally shined us last night when yo didn't come to the party.

2. "Billy totally walked right past us as if he's too good or better than us. What a shiner."

3. Jon says, "Dude I'm totally over this chick..."
Brian says "Don't you have a date tonight?"
Jon says, "Yeah, it's going to suck."
Brain suggests. "You should just shine her."

by rocky4 April 19, 2007
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A derogitory word for an African American
Hey Tony, Look at all these fuckin shines in here.
by deez-nillas July 11, 2003
giving oral sex, blow job, head, BJ.
will u give me shines trace?
by louise April 12, 2004
1. A shortened term for moonshine or whiskey.
2. To give off or reflect light.
3. To excel in something.
4. A shortened term for shoeshine.
5. A disparaging term used for a person of the African race.
The game will be held rain or shine.

The police have a warrant to search for shine here.
by Swarsfanatic June 01, 2005
Deragatory word for black people
Those shines are crazy, stabbing that cop in the middle of the precinct
by jasjas May 15, 2007
Ironically the title of a book written by Starr Jones
I was at the bookstore and saw a picture of Starr Jones on the cover, and next to her picture was the word "Shine", you think someone would have told her...
by Teabag January 10, 2006
to do big things. To get one's shine on, means they are hustlin or somethin. If i know how to shine, i will definitely get mine. :)
Homie, u got what it takes. You can rhyme, u can perform. you can do everythang homie. You just gotta keep on pushing, and then you will really shine.
by Wail June 27, 2006
Offensive Slang. Used as a disparaging term for a Black person.
Yo you wanna chill tonight shine?
by Greg September 05, 2004

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