Shine is the essence of niggerdom.
"Damn nigger! Paul must have stolen every stereo in town the other night!"

"That pimp knows how to get his shine on."

"I know I shouldn't have five bitches at the same time, but I gots to get my shine on!"
by Rossy Da Bossy June 14, 2008
to recieve oral sex
that chick is on shines
by ghetto thug sizzle October 19, 2003
oral sex eg. BJ Head bob job
I got bare sweet shines from dat bird last night bruv
by nigga a'ight November 06, 2006
Glamorous shiny stuff, mostly accessories like jewels, diamonds, etc.
''Hey guys, look at all my shine! I've done some serious shopping last week''

''Wauw all these accessories look so stunning on ya''
by MILK- September 27, 2011
A black person, used disparagingly.
(Origin: early 20th century, from shoeshine, for the fact they often shine shoes for richer white folks.) See also jigaboo, jig, porchmonkey, nigger.
"I can't believe I let those freaking shines sell me that sex machine!"
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
to shine-
1. when you accept an invitation to attend any sort of event and you don't go or like standing someone up.
2. to ignore, be rude to, or to betray friends.
1. You totally shined us last night when yo didn't come to the party.

2. "Billy totally walked right past us as if he's too good or better than us. What a shiner."

3. Jon says, "Dude I'm totally over this chick..."
Brian says "Don't you have a date tonight?"
Jon says, "Yeah, it's going to suck."
Brain suggests. "You should just shine her."

by rocky4 April 19, 2007
Any sort of bling or expensive thing that glistens or "shines" in the light that shows you have excessive amounts of money (Rims, diamonds, gold, silver, etc.)
"Everyday a new whip hommie, So you know I gets my shine on"- Birdman in his song 100 Million
by LordNMac April 20, 2009

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