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to shine-
1. when you accept an invitation to attend any sort of event and you don't go or like standing someone up.
2. to ignore, be rude to, or to betray friends.
1. You totally shined us last night when yo didn't come to the party.

2. "Billy totally walked right past us as if he's too good or better than us. What a shiner."

3. Jon says, "Dude I'm totally over this chick..."
Brian says "Don't you have a date tonight?"
Jon says, "Yeah, it's going to suck."
Brain suggests. "You should just shine her."

by rocky4 April 19, 2007
Big Pussy Syndrome. When training gets hard, some people will push through, making them stronger. Unfortunately, most people exhibit BPS by finding reasons not to train hard. This is very common in cycling, as skinny roadies unaccustomed to actual muscle fatigue, will claim they are "over trained" and need a week off, rather than training hard and letting their bodies adapt to the new stress level.
Tim: "I gave up squats because it made my legs too weak for cycling."

Quinn: "B.P.S."

Joe: "My schedule calls for a coffee ride today."
Quinn: "B.P.S."

Phil: "I'm a little fatigued from my Seattle flight... gonna take it easy today."
Quinn: "B.P.S."
by Rocky4 April 28, 2014
The way in which to appropriately
describe or refer to the State of Idaho.
Steven: "Where are you going to work this summer?"
Sam: "I'm going to drive tractors and harvest sugar beets in Ida-poor."
Steven: Ida-what?"
Sam: "Ida-poor. Idaho sucks so bad, they've changed its name to Ida-poor."
by rocky4 April 19, 2007
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