A Police record on a criminal.
Damn, the pigs got a long sheet on that nigga!
by Rick James, bitch November 21, 2004
A sheet is a name used to call some one just to piss them off, or it is also used for people who are not funny or are dorky.
ian you are such a sheet.
by google bob June 23, 2006
Exclamation used at the start of a question or statement.
"Sheet, where my bitches?"
by Hugh Jazz November 29, 2002
What a brotha calls a white girl.
Damn man I ain't gonna be wit no mo sheets. thems bitches is crazy.
by kid vicious April 22, 2004
1.) a state of mind in which a person is ready to engage in sexual intercourse.

2.) to get a person into said state of mind.

3.) a synonym for "to have sex" used in phrases that include "shit"
1.) "before i could get the condom on, she was already sheeted"

2.)"I'm pretty sure she likes me. What should I do?"
"Git 'er sheeted!"

3.) "We sheeted all over the place and i have to say it was the best sheet I ever took. I totally sheeted her brains out"
by aPirAte August 09, 2010
Mate, friend, accomplice, peoples. Used to address someone
Alright sheets what are u up to?
Sheets, do you wanna go into town?
Whats up sheets?
by Beeds January 02, 2008
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