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6 definitions by Æsop

A verb meaning 'to deliberately disinclude a person/people from an activity'. Can also be a noun referring to the person who does this.
'I can't believe you lunched me out last night.'
'Steve I can't believe you, you are such a lunch-out'
by Æsop November 07, 2004
Crap college in Andover, UK which is a town full of chavs and kevs and townies.
'You go to Cricklade? Man I feel sorry for you...'
by Æsop December 02, 2004
A failed or wannabe rastafarian.
'Check out Matt P, man he's like a disastafarian!'
by Æsop December 02, 2004
Slang term for paper money.
'Joe still owes me twenty sheets.'
by Æsop February 05, 2006
Word coined by Joe Plank of the UK meaning a double sized shot glass filled to the rim, but now generally accepted to mean any larger-than-usual shot of alcohol.
'Pour me some Aftershock, and make it a double rimmer!'
by Æsop November 07, 2004
A word meaning 'to have sufficient money'
'You Kev mate, you fixed for goin' out later?
by Æsop November 06, 2004