Referring to something extremely satisfying, incredibly awesome, or anything impressive. Derived from the abbreviation for bad-ass "BA" since that's the sound a sheep makes.
Example A: "Dude, that back flip was so sheep!"

Example B: "Holy cow, that is one sheep hat brother!"
by Evergreen Tiger December 08, 2011
Sheeps is the new word for a flock of Sheep. It is a multiple collection of sheep
Farmer Says To His Dog - Round Up The Sheeps In Thy Field
by Weekend Wake Up April 15, 2009
a common barnyard animal that is often malested and or innapropriately touched by farmer steve.
Farmer steve, stop rubbin that sheep's tities!!
by mr corndog October 08, 2008
Tampons for extremely large woman
omg i was so heavy on my period i needed a sheep to soak it up
by Samanthaa21 August 16, 2007
the bewollen satan spawn that goes from a clever little cutie with a tiny 'baa' sound, but then when puberty hits they sound like an 50+ year old guy who has been smoking for 70+ years and is really angry for unknown reasons. Do not trust these creatures or turn your back on them. They can and they will betray you and run into your unprotected legs.
person: oh, look at that sheep!
sheep: *stares into your soul*
person: ehm...

*person turns around and turns back*
person: where did it go?
strange sound: BAAAAA!
person: oh my god! what the hell are you?!

*loud scream fills the air, followed by silence*
sheep: baa
by TheOnesWhoKnowTheTruth April 02, 2014
A white guy who likes black girls and has black guy swag.
A: Is Robert a sheep?
B: Yes, he's down for the brown.
by moonchildcream February 17, 2013
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