A large animal that, despite encyclopedia definitions, is secretly controlling the world's governments. Highly intelligent, beware, has telekineses. Welsh and Scottish people fear sheep.
Ahh! I'm being chased by a sheep! *zap*....
by meeshopork September 17, 2003
What Welsh people do for fun. Protecting them and caring for them, I mean.
Oi, yew, boyo! Get orf me moontain an' stop pesterin' me sheep!
by PetesWayUK August 10, 2003
Population of New Zealand.
3 sheep to every 1 person.

If there was a hoof to hand war, sheep would win.
by anonymous January 15, 2005
a person with an out-of-control curly afro.
if you hear us screaming sheep at you,
trim your hair up a bit. i'll buy you anti-frizz for your birthday, too.
by kelli with an i October 07, 2004
When the average citizen buys into all of the crap that is being shoved down their throats by the media and the politicians
"I think the current economy is on a good path" "that's because you are in the flock of sheep that buys into the lies"

"My fellow sheep, er, I mean Americans..we are going to create jobs and give free medical care and a free car to every family when I become president"
by Psibri January 10, 2011
Like sheep, who flock togehter, gay men come in flocks. Sometimes, there's even a leader sheep. He's the head of the sheep, the ram if you will and leads them around while the rest of the sheep follow mindlessly.
"Oh my God he's such a sheep!"
by Ammithyst September 16, 2008
Slang for someone with the last name Sheppard. Including people who spend inordinate amounts of time on mundane tasks: taxes, laundry, writing in their planner ect...
Dude really pulled a sheep last night.
by Harsh_Kumar February 23, 2008
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