Sheep: Nature's Marshmallow.
A horned ruminant mammal, usually farmed for their wool. A close relative of the goat. Female: ewe, male: ram.
"Sheep are docile animals that mainly feed on 'pasture plants' such as grass, clover or forbs."
by Bobbert Mcgee April 15, 2010
1. consentual sex (otherwise it is rape; otherwise known as "reindeer")
2. an extremely attractive male
me: "OMG David Tennant is my sheep"
me: "David Tennant is the sheep"
me: "David Tennant is sheep on legs"
me: "David Tennant is sheepy"

gareth david-lloyd, david tennant, john barrowman, jamie T, leonardo decaprio in the nineties, paulo nutini(on his good side), gaspard ulliel, tom felton, james franco, Guillaume Canet, toby hemmingway, mathew mcfadyen, colin firth, hugh grant, johnny depp(duh), adam brody, the guy in the mac commercials, the guy in the New World, orlando bloom, justin timberlake, joshua jackson, burn gorman(for his AMZING acting abilities), heath ledger, paul bettany...etc
by Homeslice of Darkness January 03, 2008
People who follow thier friends, or generally people they see. Its not true that emo's are sheep, if they are generally depressed and thats how they show it then they are not, but if they choose that lifestyle because they see other people doing it and choose to use it even though they dont like it are the real sheep.
Guy1: That guy only shops for the most expensive brands he is such a sheep

Guy2: No he just likes what they offer.

Guy1: That guy saw his friend buy all that stuff so he wanted to aswell.

Guy2: What a sheep.
by James Haig August 18, 2006
one who follows the group; poseur; drone.
Pat Daly is the biggest sheep ever. Kill him.
by greg November 01, 2003
A follower, usually follows around large crouds.
Doesnt talk much and laughs quietly but crazily at things that the cooler people in the group do. As they are jealous of their popularity. They are unlikely to ever be invited anywhere or for anyone to know their name.
That guy whos always at the back of the croud is a right sheep.
by John Dower May 08, 2008
1. A phrase that comes from George Orwells 'Animal Farm', where the sheep were mindless commoners that agreed with whatever was told to them. Now used to label someone who is gullible, or a conformist.

2. A fluffy farm animal that goes 'baa' and is where wool comes from
1.Most people only shop at Hot Topic because it's trendy. What sheep.

2. Me: Hello sheep!

Sheep: Baa!
by Julia1984 January 16, 2011
Sheep- anyone that asks me where they can get one.

2. American voters in the influence of political travesty.
3. My ex's latest fling.
"Hey! Hey buddy where can I get individuality like that?"

Baaa Baaa Baaa was all we heard after jhonny took his sheep into the bedroom.
by unknownnme February 05, 2010

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