A person who believes that their automotive brand is the best thing in the world and thinks everything else is crap even though there is evidence that proves it otherwise. A person that shills a brand and refuse to give other brands a chance. A person that hates something else because of old bad perception.
Sheep: The Camry is the best car ever because it is made by Toyota and it is Japanese so it has amazing quality that cannot be matched by others.

Sheep: If its not American, it sucks. (right...)

^^Those are all sheeps.
by AUTODUDE November 12, 2009
General insult used by conspiracy theorists and non-conformists to refer to people who disagree. The proper English translation is "I blindly believe I'm right, but I have no idea why."
Eye-witnesses to the Holocaust are not proof. Wake-up you sheep!

You people are sheep, why else would anyone listen to this "music"?
by mr. sporadic August 22, 2009
a farmyard animal that many people like to make fun of for no particular reason.
lol @ that sheep it iz well fat!
by FluffyMcFluffFace March 31, 2008
People that follow but can never lead. Also known to "sponge off" other people.

In Barbados, you carry a sheep to town.
"You hungry?" Yes!
"You want Chefette?" Yes!
"You buying?" I breaaak (as in broke, no money) (Baaah), Since sheep Baaah...
by CaribbeanRealist June 16, 2011
A person who only does/buys things because everyone else has so is therefore following the crowd. Not only can you just call a person a 'sheep', you can also give subtle hints (see example 2)
Example 1
Person 1: Look at her with her new jacket.
Person 2: She is such a sheep.

Example 2
Person 1: Hey, do you like my new phone?
Person 2: Baaaaaa
by Sporty :) February 12, 2011
Referring to something extremely satisfying, incredibly awesome, or anything impressive. Derived from the abbreviation for bad-ass "BA" since that's the sound a sheep makes.
Example A: "Dude, that back flip was so sheep!"

Example B: "Holy cow, that is one sheep hat brother!"
by Evergreen Tiger December 08, 2011
Nature's fluffy marshmallow.
Baah, I'm a sheep ~ ♪
by Lxzader25jfm January 17, 2011

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