12 definitions by Egg

a large joint, a spliff ,a wacky fag
yo homz, get dat biffta on da roll.
by egg August 25, 2003
A day to celebrate Sol Badguy, located somewhere between March 6th and an island in the Atlantic Ocean.
This holiday is COOL.
by Egg February 28, 2005
No, really. Does anyone know what the hell this is? I assume a window is involved somewhere, and whenever someone mentions it people who know say "Ew!", so it's probably filthy.
"What the hell is The Window Thing?" "Ew!"
by Egg November 21, 2004
a word used to describe a disgraceful looking girl with a gigantic arse whom originates for 'dirty'ponte.
awww its panjes-bitch. look at the stay of panjes-bitch
by egg April 29, 2004
Slang for nicolas for looking like a sheep, born in Wales. Straigtens his hair and is scared to get his hair wet. Whatever he does to his hair, its stil gay and will never be straight just like him a bit
BENT--> ( unlike most people who are straight --> |
"here lads its raining, my hairs gonna go curly!"
....."o no! not the hair :O "
by Egg May 07, 2005
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