Often confused as the 'Clifton Rapist' - this rare species lives to divulge in hot angry girls for sex and also enjoys the odd wank after a hard day at rugby. Deep heat is his most prized possession. He's overweight, has no neck, and is inevitably rude to anyone except his tequiiiiiiiila drinking buddies. He has a fetish for bras and only answer with one word (sometimes 2, if drunk.)
Baa. That ugly wanking no-neck fuck over there is SUCH a sheep.
by yumyumvagina March 21, 2009
according to drunk people it is the plural of sheep
Megan saw five sheeps on the farm
by Chase Hickman May 14, 2005
A mindless individual that believes whatever the government/media says.
"JFK was shot!" "Dood, you are such a sheep!"
by Suzzie October 16, 2003
any of a group that follows trends and/or fashions; can usually be found watching TRL, wearing clothes from The Gap or Hot Topic, and listening to whatever music is popular during that 5 minute timespan.
You bought the new Marilyn Manson CD? You are such a sheep!

Hey, look at those sheep over there... yeah, the ones wearing Abercrombie and Fitch!
by jendemonium.com October 03, 2002
Koalasheep. Cannot be said without the exclamation mark.
"Aren't you watching 309?"

by Dylan0513 November 19, 2007
A internet gamer term for someone who believes Nintendo,no matter what.

Often used in Gamespot

Origin: If comes from the belief that Nintendo fans(The "sheep") will always follow Nintendo.(The "sheep's shepard)
Gamer 1: Nintendo suck! (This statement won't get you very far in gaming forums, don't try it)
Gamer 2: No they don't! They are LOADS better than M$/Sony/everyone! (Nor will this)
Gamer 1: Get lost sheep! (Nor will this, you'll a make lot a people mad if you say this in the wrong place)
by K-weave April 24, 2005
Usually regarded as an animal, however, experts say it definitely is. The sheep is clad with an early form of wool sweater, also known as wool.
The guttural sound mimics that of a cow with a vocoder, further proving the theory of evolution.

The word sheep can also refer to a person with poor sense of individuality, originating from experiments done with sheep groups. They have shown that the pack will allways mimic the black sheep in the crowd. Caps, "bling"-classified apparel, baggy jeans and the phrase "bust a cap in yo'ass" will appeal to the average sheep, if worn and used by the brother sheep.
Sheep is the only creature that displays such behavior, therefore the term.
-Assistant, would you pass me forensic fabric sample A38?
-Yes Dr. (A bit of tension in the room)
-Assistant, focus! You seem quite absent.
In an act of desperation to easen the tension, Assistant acts upon a phrase he picked up earlier the same day, when passing by a barber shop, thus, acting a sheep;
-I'ma bust a cap in yo'ass cracka!
-Remove thyself from the laboratory, Assistant.
-Yes Dr.
by F3ud_F1st December 31, 2007
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