A small deerish creature with a jacked up face and and a full body afro. They let you know they're about to kill you by bleeting at you.
Supposedly people fuck sheep.

They're only cute when they're lambs.
by HybridKitt August 11, 2006
Stemming from a pun on the term "BA", it can be defined as:
A) Unusually entertaining, stylish, or fun.
B) A generally positive term in place of "Cool".
Courtney's violin skills are great, I wish I was as sheep as her!

Fiona got a lot of compliments on her sheep new pants.
by AlliSonii October 05, 2009
a term made redundant by the goths, emo kids, etc. who use it to describe anyone who isnt exactly like them. ironic as hell.
Goth to Emo Kid: "look at that sheep with the studded wristband. BAHHHHH!"
Emo Kid to Goth: "look at that sheep with the black cape. BAHHHHH!"
by Johan Svenson June 17, 2005
One who conforms without questioning ideals.

Named so because when one sheep is led off to the slaughter... they all follow.
When everybody is jumping on the bandwagon, just point, laugh, and throw in a "Baaaa."
by Shepard May 09, 2005
To shut someone up and stop them from expressing their opinions. In the book Animal Farm, Napoleon had the sheep start chanting loudly to stop anyone from protesting when he made a decision he knew they would be unhappy with and would protest against.
Don't sheep me!
by CorHearst December 22, 2010
People who rely solely on the opinions, views and judgements of others - whether its the media, celebreties or generally just the rest of the crowd. People who respect authority from society are not sheep - this is necessary in modern life. If they obey authority if the law is bad, then they are sheep. But people who follow every fashion, follow what they see on the T.V., or do or say something just because "everyone else does it" are pure sheep. For example, people who constantly criticise George W. Bush and say he is a corrupt dictator who's not doing his job properly just because Michael Moore said so and he made a seemingly convinving documentary are clear examples of sheep. People who rebel against society and school (e.g. Chavs) for the sake of being "cool" or "rude boy" are also counted as sheep.
At my school we had a session about the Arab-Israeli crisis, and people were moaning, saying "no-one cares" or "no-one wants to do this. I say follow them." Pure Sheep.
by chavsuck May 12, 2006
according to drunk people it is the plural of sheep
Megan saw five sheeps on the farm
by Chase Hickman May 14, 2005

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