a sexy ass white guy who exudes black guy swag and is down with black girls
Is Dan a sheep? Yea he got with Shaniqa last night
by pimpluscious February 17, 2013
1. (noun) A woolly animal.

2. (adj.) To sheep - To follow somebody around without fail, usually in a group. More commonly known as a stalker.
1. Person 1 : Awwh, look at that sheep

Person 2: Wheres the sheep?

Person 3: Don't you see the big fluffy thing in the field?

2. Person 1: *turns to person 2* Will you please stop Sheeping me!?

Person 2: Y'think that this is sheeping you?
by LittleGreenEyes September 20, 2010
wool is used for a bunch of reasons
man 1-hey do you know what elephants use for tampons?

man 2-no what?

man1 - SHEEP
by troubledemon February 28, 2010
Somebody who likes to 'take things slow' in a relationship. Usually the less dominant partner, and mostly will not initiate anything. Usually looks for a lion in his or her partner.
Girl 1: Hey, you know you fancy Jake like, SOOO much?? Why don't you ask him out??

Girl 2: OMG! No way, you KNOW I'm a total sheep! You're a lion, I'm not like you.
by LittleMissGreenie December 01, 2009
Someone you love intensely. Felling "sheepish" around someone special. Nickname for both spouses used by both spouses.
"I love you sheep"
"I love you too sheepie"
by Pin Cushion April 11, 2008
a source of wool and an important asset in condom industry.

Also, a nickname for a member of Jesus' gang (J.C.'s mafia nickname being "the Shepherd").

A utility for vegetable growth control (though the new "Goat" model is much better).
I have on a sheep's wool sweater.
by Kathya January 27, 2008
stupid ugly animal native to Wales (which is a stunning, beautiful and very friendly place)
I hate sheep they're so damned ugly
by minimidge July 14, 2006
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