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A happy little vagina
The care bear's vagingin likes to play hop-scoth with peter pan's peter
by Sam_big_penis February 18, 2008
Muff: muff is now a very rare species of vagina, it is BIG HAIRY SMELLY FLOPPY STRETCHED WORNO OUt fud, these "muffs" are a dieing species since the invention of mufficide or more commonly know as a brazilian, did you know? each day over 1,000,000 muffs are killed in humanly by being ripped of with boiling hot wax or with a razor or even sometimes laser surgery, you've all heard of save the whales, well now we have save the muff so please with all your heart vote no on mufficide even tho muffs are fucking disgusting lol
"oohh baby i can't wait till u put it in"*pulls down undies* holly fuck!!!!!!!! your 15 years old and u have a great big old hairy fucking muff... man it smells like someones gotten fish and deep fried it in poo u young attractive hagg!
by Sam_big_penis May 06, 2008
A Product of NewZealand's sexual desire
Babe the movie is like New Zealand porn( the part with the sheep)
by sam_big_penis February 25, 2008
That funny little thing looking at you when you pull ur dick and balls back
Whilst in the bath with his little sister timmy found that if he pulled his and and testicles back his genitles looked like his sister's so he stapled them there...mangina
by Sam_big_penis May 06, 2008
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