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to fuck, be fucked. It can be used as anything basically
Hey man you look a little beat up?

-Ya some guy bunned me last night, he hit me in the face

I bunned my girlfriend so hard last night

-Im about to bun you!
by RC B October 01, 2009
smoked weed
bun/blaze are synonims
i just bunned a nice fat blunt
by blantus_blazah October 26, 2004
To be ignored
Thirsty Nigga: Aye yo ma, lemme get the digits
Women: *ignored him*
by ImYorkk January 04, 2014
To find one's self being touched unexpectedly and inappropriately for extended periods of time. In more extreme cases it can also include the iron curtain or when a willing candidate is targeted a heavy and often sloppy makeout session may follow.
Person 1: "Did you hear about _______ last night?"
Person 2: "Oh yeah, I heard she got "bunned""
by La'K July 29, 2011
when someone turns into a bun
he was bunned
by madeleine12321 June 08, 2012
Being high on marijuana. syn. baked, high.
that was a fat joint bro, i'm mad bunned.
by gaycrew June 18, 2009
having intercourse, having hardcore,yet, pleasurable sex.
yo, i bunned the hell out of that girl.
by Andrew Verrecchio January 11, 2003

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