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The act of not giving a damn and doing as little as possible.
Shammers are usually lazy people that smoked lots of weed back in the day and joined the Army, thus becoming shit bags and shamming out on everything. Shammers also carry around a belief of FBGM.
by Remised June 29, 2011
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in Hawai'i it means you have a big dick.
Hey Sal! you got one big dick brah! we gonna call you shammah (shammer) from now on!
by Bruce Hansen October 04, 2006
a lazy person who does nothing else all day long except whine and bitch at work, while getting as little done as possible done during the day. known to severely half-ass any work done, Genrally consisting of spics and sometimes niggers
"Not only is Alex a dumb spic, but he is such a shammer his nickname is Sir-Sham-Alot"'

"wat up Shammer"?

"cmon Shammer, quit shammin' and get back to work"
by Zaeea December 25, 2005
a poop; dropping a deuce
I can't believe you took such a shammer at the party that you broke the toilet!!
by Michael Froehler March 29, 2003
A girl that is not that hot but she thinks she is gods gift to men. That is a SHAMMER!
That girl has a lot of attitude at the bar thinking she is paris hilton type looks but she in actuality is not very hot she is a shammer!
by Mark December 27, 2007

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