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The best possible item ever placed on the Mcdonalds' menu. People wait hours just to buy one when they start selling them the month before St Patrick's day. A green vanilla mike shake (which may or may not be more addictive than crack.)
Person X: What the hell is this line for at McDonalds?
Person Y: They released Shamrock Shakes, again!
Person X: Is that a Mexican thing?
Person Y: Irish.
Person X: Ahhhh...bless the Irish and their dairy treats!
by Philly1221 September 19, 2006
to receive a hand-job in the bathroom of an Irish pub, or simply a hand-job given by an Irishman
Greg "Paddy O'Flanagan gave me a shamrock shake the other day."
Steve "You're a fag"
by lonnielassar March 01, 2010
When you are fucking a leprechaun so hard like a cowgirl and they squirt out green cum and go into a seizure
Dude, i was in Ireland and did a shamrock shake with 20 leprechauns.
by George lopez March 11, 2014
An Irish handjob
I met a drunk Irish lass on St. Patrick's Day, and she gave me a shamrock shake.
by Lordwindowlicker March 21, 2012