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Fuck Bitches, Get Money.

A way of life.

Another way of saying Bros Before Hoes.

The word money is simply a metaphor for wealth: Fuck Bitches, Get Metaphor.

Homie 1: Hey bro I'm hangin with my girl tonight.

Homie 2: Fuck bro, what about -blank-?

Homie 1: I dunno mang. What would Jesus do?


FBGM yo.
by Brainstrobing September 19, 2008
fuck bitches, get money (a common abreviation after one's name on myspace)
John(fbgm) is an example of how a myspace name would look with fbgm in it.
by []D //=\\ []3 []_ 0 July 21, 2006
Short for Fuck Bitches Get Money, which in general means that one should not bother in the futalities of chasing women when money can never let one down. However, FBGM is quite versitile and can have several different uses. Among the most popular is to soothe a fellow "FBGMer" if he has had a bad day, synonymous with "fuck that shit," and can even be a reply to simple questions such as "what's up?"
FBGMer 1: Bro, I just saw Hardball with Keanu Reeves and I got so sad when G Baby got shot.
FBGMer 2: Chin up man. FBGM!

FBGMer 1: Bro, I just found out that Snookie was cheating on me with like 487 other guys and or girls! I'm So fucking pissed!
FBGMer 2: As a true friend, I'm being completely honest when I say, you should have known that a cunt like Snookie would do that, but fuck it man...FBGM!

*Awkward Eye Contact*
FBGMer 1 & 2 in unison and in the same key: FFFFFBBBBBBGGGGGGGGMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!
by SKARLET REMEDY December 12, 2010
means fuck bitches get money by definition, but in reality its mostly used as a good telltale sign that the person who wrote it is a giant douchebag.
facebook: "tyreeque just updated his facebook status, saying 'tyreeque johnson FBGM"

you: "wow, what a notorious douchebag"
by niggalobotomy March 27, 2009
means Fuck.Bit**es.Get.Money
often seen at the beginning of a name such as myspace
$F.B.G.M$ Kingpin(KP) and $F.B.G.M$ What more can i say?
by ill nana March 27, 2007
Abbreviation for “Fuck Bitches Get Money”

Used when the subject is too busy (fucking bitches and/or getting money) that they don’t have time to say the whole thing.
Bob is calling up his friend Jim, who is late to the hockey game they were supposed to watch together

Bob: Hello? Jim, where are you?
Jim: FBGM! *hangs up*
Bob thinking *That’s totally understandable. He’s not here because he’s busy fucking bitches and getting money. I’m not mad at all.
by herpdong April 30, 2011
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