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the most unfortunate person you know, a source of hilarity for his misfortune. always gets the crowd laughing. a right character
Ya remember when Shakes scooped his sick up with a spoon and put it in a bag? typical shakes
by ChardoDSD February 14, 2010
A person that know's all about sneakers & clothes
Devin: The retro jordan 6's will be coming out next month
Chris: Really?? DANG, Your a shakes!!
by Vegatron March 08, 2010
A combination of the words "fake" and "shit". Someone who is shake is "fake as shit".
"Lauren is so shake. She didn't even invite us to Moe's.
by JRMac October 03, 2013
a. referring to William Shakespeare

b. complicated (adj.)

c. smart; sophisticated (adj.)
A: What is that, Shakes'?

B: This is so shakes...

C: Jamie is shakes!
by Will Shakes March 22, 2009
A true asshole. When you react with retaliation ten times worse than the action inflicted upon you, you have successfully pulled off a Shake.
Guy #1- Yo dude, what happened with you two?
Guy #2- He called me an asshole so I grabbed a hammer and fucked his nuts up with it.

Guy #1- Dude you just pulled off a Shake bro.

Guy #2- Don't compare me to that ass hat
by Mr. Highway September 16, 2013
1. An abbreviation for the term "Shaky-Butt" which is commonly used in Norristown, PA. A shaky butt is a Strip club, or even better yet, it's a Titty Bar.

2. In general, it's any establishment where people can pay to watch nude women dance.
Classy Guy #1: "Yo bull, there ain't no bitches at this bar... you tryin' to hit da Shake?"

Classy Guy #2: "Yeah, fuck it..."
by john_raw October 11, 2011
Shake v.- What people say when they are telling someone to leave the currently occupied area. This is usually said with extreme animosity and/or prejudice. Reference to this word is most prevalent in the "St.Louis rapper gets slapped" video on Youtube.
Daron: Man, this party is dead, I'm finna shake bruh.

*Man walks in on his daughter having sex*
Boyfriend: Oh, shit.
Dad: What the fuck!?!
Boyfriend: I'm so sorry sir.
Dad: Go on ahead and shake bruh.
*Boyfriends Hesitates*
Dad: I swear to god if you don't shake out my crib in the next 5 seconds......
by reallyslowcomp October 05, 2011