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a pack of females witch reject contact with those out of the pack. Sometimes confused with lesbians but uncertain beacuse of their afection towards edward cullen.
"Dude I was chasing after this girl, but then i realized i wasted my time."

"Wao what happened"

"She was part of a 4-pack, all hope was lost"
by JoeMommaPR May 28, 2010
when you insert 2 fingers in her pussy and your thumb in her arse... like when you pick up a 4 pack of beer.
'i picked that bird up last night like a 4pack,to get her on the bed'...
by rouges January 22, 2010
Where somebody has four visible ab muscles because their chest isn't fully developed
"Yo did you see that 10 year old with a 4-pack"
by Jtheslimster February 03, 2015
The name belonging to the exreme expert who plays videogames. Found on Blizzard's Battle net on U.S West as 4pack, and has the original "fourpack"for
Charles Chan, who wishes to start a secret society by which sets animals on fire for the entertainment.Not just some kind of silly burning, but includes aquatic mammals such as whales and dolphins squealing in pain as their bones burn to ash before them, due to Napalm.
by Charles Chan May 13, 2004

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