1. An abbreviation for the term "Shaky-Butt" which is commonly used in Norristown, PA. A shaky butt is a Strip club, or even better yet, it's a Titty Bar.

2. In general, it's any establishment where people can pay to watch nude women dance.
Classy Guy #1: "Yo bull, there ain't no bitches at this bar... you tryin' to hit da Shake?"

Classy Guy #2: "Yeah, fuck it..."
by john_raw October 11, 2011
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The shitty part of weed.
"If you would have told me it was shake i would have never smoked it."
by wes January 24, 2005
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About to leave, go, or wanting someone to leave presence.
Man, shake away from me.
Im bout to shake.

Boy, shake bruh
by jeamourmac June 06, 2010
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ey nigga, lets shake the spot!
by suj March 21, 2003
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Shake is NOT similar to reggieor shwag. Shake is the bit of extra leaves and keef that have brushed off the buds and sit in the bottom of the bag. Saying "not to be confused with keef" is like saying "I don't actually know what keef is" This perception that shake is bad or cheap shit, has got to stop. It is NOT less potent if you get good quality weed. Of course if you get shake from a bag of dirt shwag your gonna have a bag of ground up crap that doesn't get you high.

NO STICKS NO STEMS NO SEEDS!!!!!! That is how good bud SHOULD BE. In conclusion IF you buy quality bud and get some shake, it is clearly NOT stems and sticks and shwag. That doesn't even EXIST in my medical bag of Cheese. Please, for the love of pot, get over yourselves and get real.


Weedmans Wife
"nah I don't need the grinder I got some shake"

"I'm gonna roll a fat blunt, Its gonna burn so smooth with this dank Afgoo shake"
by WeedmansWife July 31, 2016
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a. referring to William Shakespeare

b. complicated (adj.)

c. smart; sophisticated (adj.)
A: What is that, Shakes'?

B: This is so shakes...

C: Jamie is shakes!
by Will Shakes March 22, 2009
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Also a term used to refer to straggling girls walking out of a bar at closing time.
Well, we didn't find any trim tonight so we had to go trolling for shake out side the college bar at 3 a.m.
by Doombot October 20, 2003
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