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something or event is going to be very exciteing
the weekend finna shake!
by all about the getto May 07, 2011
Three jiffies and a cha cha.
I'll be back in a shake.
by Roxy J. November 23, 2010
About to leave, go, or wanting someone to leave presence.
Man, shake away from me.
Im bout to shake.

Boy, shake bruh
by jeamourmac June 06, 2010
When a woman has a nice body and when she walks, the good parts jiggle, but just a little.
Did you see the shake on that girl who just walked by?
by chrome7 January 25, 2013
alternately, in the 70s and 80s California Bay Area, dried marijuana leaves were known as shake.
Jimmy:"hey man, I got a bag of weed"
Joran: "groovy man, is it bud or SHAKE?"
by shiatbiatch September 10, 2010
"Shake" is a word that combines the words "Bake" and "Shower" referring to smoking cannabis in the shower, usually in the morning.
"Yoo so I got up and shaked, then Uniqua called."
by Sturbz August 06, 2012
The loose marijuana in the bottom of a bag . Mostly stems, seeds and bits of leaf that won't really get you high. Sometimes dealers will try to scam customers by selling them shake and call it something else like marijuana dust, crumbs or pre-ground but in reality it's just crap.
I used to tell cats I sold weed and weight
I was straight 'til I got caught sellin em shake - Kon Artis from D-12
by DC-Chaos February 26, 2012