The loose marijuana in the bottom of a bag . Mostly stems, seeds and bits of leaf that won't really get you high. Sometimes dealers will try to scam customers by selling them shake and call it something else like marijuana dust, crumbs or pre-ground but in reality it's just crap.
I used to tell cats I sold weed and weight
I was straight 'til I got caught sellin em shake - Kon Artis from D-12
by DC-Chaos February 26, 2012
to leave a place or meaning you have to leave.
alright then, i gotta shake.
by JackBandit April 12, 2007
Shake means to be good, amazing, fun, cool sick etc.
T"he drink was shake."
"The party is going to be shake."
"That bitch had a shake pussy."
by Stokesyyy October 15, 2011
1.Somthing you tell some one when its time to bounce.
2.When you go wild get crunk and start to Shake
3.A way of making some one laugh by saying shake all night!
Shake your Nalgaz!!
Let's Shake out this joint!
by Playa187 August 28, 2009
angry gamer in toxic shock
Man chill out you don't wanna look like shakes....
by ho| February 10, 2003
To perform a crossover dribble in basketball such that the defender loses his balance.
DeShawn: Ayo loc im bouts to shake yo white ass cuss.
by James... December 20, 2004
the coolest guy i know in the whole world
he likes old style, only when its warm
by Petey Pablo September 08, 2004

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