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9 definitions by Doombot

A participant in the World Series of Dice. He was only supposed to be throwing out the trash.
Damn Larry, get upstairs and put on some lotion!
by Doombot March 11, 2004
528 40
I don't know about you, but that makes me feel pretty good. The dude is out there taking her easy for all us sinners.
Hey man, the dude abides...
by Doombot September 16, 2004
446 57
A establishment of higher learning that happens to spawn an abundance of higly cool people of impeccable taste class and intelligence. As far as colleges go, LSU is head and shoulders above the rest of the nation. It defys logic how great this place is. Also, the greatest football program in the country.
LSU won the football game convincigly and then all of the students gathered together and partied because they realized how superior they were compared to their opponent.
by Doombot October 26, 2003
846 538
A team known for having a superb fanbase despite 26 years of futility. The games are fun and the fans are funny. One day the Saints will get their come-up'ns.
1.When the Saints fire their owner and coach and QB they will smoke the NFC.
2.Deuce Mcallister, Saints HB is one of the best in the league. Nooch.
by Doombot July 08, 2004
315 152
Defecating. Loosening of bowels into a porcelain bowl-shaped receptacle.
After bringing the Browns to the Super Bowl, Jim sat down and wrote a letter to Penthouse lying about the wild sex with twin midgets.
by Doombot October 21, 2003
73 9
(also as a verb) to fecal.
After I ate those fish sticks and ice ceram I needed to fecal like mad.
by Doombot October 26, 2003
64 25
Small, balled up pieces of semen that collect in the pubes of lovers, post-coitus. These balls are often wiped away with a cum rag, but are sometimes collected in Altoids boxes and catalogued for posterity.
"Man, that chick Suzy started to eat my rivlets like mad but I stopped her so I could sling them into my rivlet satchel so as to remember the hot anal we had."
by DoomBot April 08, 2004
31 15