when a group of friends get together to chill, drink, smoke and just to have a good time.
Everybody hit up the set tonight , it's going be plenty to drink and byob.
#party #smoke #friends #drink #chill
by Cool JDW June 10, 2013
A group of friends, a gang, a click
I stomp on your crew, a clap at your set
by Munch March 31, 2004
Where the neighborhood you're from, or where you generally have grip. Usually where you grew up or currently "put it down."
"The 19th is my set son, I got it locked-down tight."

"What set you from?"

"They always playin' dice by the lake." "Yhea, that's Rodney's set."
#grip #lock #block #hood #neighborhood #turf
by Uptown Panda February 05, 2010
1. Group of people, usually gang affiliated, for a particular neighborhood.
2. In skateboarding, rollerblading, or similar sports, a set of stairs in which to perform a trick over.
3. In reference to a pair of women's breasts.
4. Another term for "ready."
5. In reference to a syringe or needle for drugs, particularly in the Tri-state area.
6. A drug spot, particularly in cities, where drug dealing is notorious and well organized.
7. In reference to someone's house.
8. A pair.
1. J-Rollz is from the 19th St. Crip set.
2. "Yo did you see the video of me doin' that 10-set at the park?!"
3. "Oh shit look at that bitch's set!"
4. "Hey Rick, are you all set?"
5. "I ain't doin' any of this dope until I find me a set."
6. "I'm goin' to hit the Grove St. wet set."
7. "You wanna head to my set?"
8. "I need to buy this set of socks."
#group #spot #section #area #clique #posse #needle #rig #syringe #pair #ready #house #home
by Deezy.F May 11, 2013
Disfuncting Irectialy,BONER!!!!!
Dude is there a Banana in ur pants?
(thats wat she said.)
guy#1-dude did u see that girl which abnormaly large breastestest it looks like shes trying to smuggel 4 bald freakishly ugly scandanavian children in side her shirt

guy#2-why yes i did i think i have suddenly becum SET?.
but now i am oddly thinking of shawn connery naked doing the stinky legg backword while saying the lyrics to jizz in my pants in a satanic voice masterbateing with a arthritis crippled left hand.
#what #the #fuck #is #wrong #with #you?
by Not Cody and Bryan June 05, 2009
in poker, it's 3 of a kind
"i was playing holdem, and i flopped a set!"
by PaNDa August 31, 2004
A quarter ounce of weed, derived from the word "sept" which is French for seven.
Jon: He man, did you pick up today?
Pat: Yeah man, just picked up a set an hour ago.
#weed #seven #quarter #drugs #dealing #ganja #pot #marijuana #dank
by JesusAndCheese January 19, 2014
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