in southern new jersey or philidelphia a spot where blacks or porta ricans have a well organized drug dealing location.
usually coke, crack, dope, or wet.
most sets have a brand name that they carry on their bags of drugs
ex. sony set, superman set, 5 star ect.
rob: yo jack im goin to camden to hit the dope set you need any thing?
jack: yea cop me a bundle of d and a few jars of wet
rob: man i was only going to sony i got you tho ill hit the wet set if you buy me a jar.
by bigrobhtown April 01, 2008
1. An individual performance onstage.

2. The regular material a stand-up comic uses onstage.
1. "Hey, Bob. I'm psyched! I got a set at Gotham!"

2. "Hey, Bob! What the fuck is up with your new set, man? It's all hack!"
by John-Boy August 22, 2006
set as in give. pass also set as in a djs set time he djs
set me that blem/zoot blud

dj ez played a two hour set!
by DJ Hazard - David November 02, 2004
Set, to place, Put something somewhere.
Took up 28 pages in the Oxford Dictionary
"I set it down over there"
"i set..."
by private October 30, 2003
Used commonly as "sets", in the plural form to describe big "sets" of waves that are formed usually breaks after one another. Slang term used by surfers to alert another surfer about the bigger-than-average waves.
Oi! There's sets comin'! go go go!
by Daniel April 29, 2003
How a marching band will compose a half-time show, using "sets" or "phrases" joined together to make a final piece.
Each set tells a band member to go forwards/backwards, and onto which yard line.
"Yo, that set is a piece of shit! I keep on forgetting to go backwards!"
by coldcupcake14 October 19, 2009
Add at the end of a name or word, meaning some thing or someone cool or popular, to add more respect to the word or name.
to add respect to a name like, yo whats up matt set, or yo vinny set.
Or to add respect to a word like, I"m driven my chevy set. Or chillin playing Xbox set
by vinnyset July 22, 2009

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