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The art of performing a clitoral stimulation. cf frig
Lisa was frigging herself in the library again today.
by Mercunium August 16, 2003
Semen - see also man custard and man paste
There were traces of man chowder on the hotel bed.
by mercunium November 11, 2003
1. to have participated in a sexual act with someone usually against your will.

2. to be ripped off in monetary terms, opften prefixed with 'anally'. See bumrape, definition 2.
1. Tom violated Jo that night.

2. I got anally violated by that car mechanic. Cunt.
by Mercunium September 04, 2003
The creamy product forcibly ejaculated following stimulation of a man's penis.

Man custard is often found as an additional free topping on San Marino pizza.
Yes, I'd like to order a Hawaiian pizza without man custard please.
by mercunium November 11, 2003
The process of insterting one's finger(s) into a female's vagina (referring to the smell of the said finger afterwards).
I had fish fingers again last night with Becky.
by Mercunium August 16, 2003
An area of Birmingham where you are likely to be shot/murdered.

Also home to a shit "university": Aston University.
Person 1: I'm going to Aston tonight.
Person 2: OK, I'll prepare myself for your funeral.
by mercunium November 24, 2003
Little brown pieces that fall out of your anus whilst straining, usually over a toilet.
I'm just going to let out a few bum nuggets.
by mercunium September 20, 2003
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