Very long group use of the website myspace.
ussualy lasts all night and well into the morning
Bill:DUDE, we had the fucken raddest myspace sesh last night, i got like 425452 comments and messages!!!
by Kevin Quesidila September 09, 2006
Short for session. A sesh is when friends gather around a burning incense and slowly become more and more relaxed until they become "seshed."

Also see seshed, and warped
Hey, you wanna go sesh at my house after school?
by Derek C. March 14, 2005
intense, long needed, orgasmic ass. anytype of sexual orientation that is longer than 5 minutes
we went to his place and had such a good sesh
by torythedancer January 17, 2004
A very sexy fish.

sexy + fish = sesh

also can be used as a nickname for someone who's name has fish in it.
Hey sesh! How are you?
by Fish Pies December 31, 2005
to have an internet conversation, or to leave posts on an individual's webpage
I seshed your page last night.
by girl in ohio May 08, 2005
An abbreviation of the word session that refers to a goal-oriented hang out with friends over the course of several hours.
I'm at Think Coffee. Want to join me for a cafe sesh?

I need some creative inspiration. Museum sesh on Saturday?

The salad you brought to dinner sesh was amazing.
by kayteesal April 15, 2016
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