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An abbreviation or short form of session.
"Time to sesh the Mill Creek gap!"
by the product August 29, 2005
1. to Shit, Shower, Shave.
2. Or infront of parents: To shower, shave, celebrate shomer shabbis.
"Let's hit that gongshow you were talking about last night."
"Sure, but let me do the 3 S's first."
by the product July 22, 2005
To express great interest in someone or something by looking at them.

Often, but not limited to, when someone suspects you are doing something wrong, illegal, unconstitutional.
When we pulled out infront of a cop today he looked us up and down a few times.

K asked "You got your seatbelt on?"

I said "Yeah man, but he was hawking us."


"Like, checking us out, eyes and everything.. Like a hawk"

"Oh, 'puberty boy'ing' us!"
by the product October 23, 2005
Any group of girls that aptly fit the term dirty.

Usually see in murderous packs at parties.
"Oh shit, check out that group of dirties that just lamped in!"
by the product September 13, 2005
When, usually at the bar or a party, a guy (your buddy, unless your a total dick) goes for a broad, but you call out something that won't give him a chance. It's usually about an STD or him having a wife.

The opposite of being a wingman
"The Gil sewered seabass so bad at the bar last night!"

"I just fuckin', sewered the bastard when he went to pork my broad."

(At the bar) "Hey BUDDY? Have ya told her about your HIV?"
by the product July 22, 2005
From, "You gotta slay a few dragons to get to the princess" a dragon slayer is someone who is out doing dirties with the hopes of finding a nice girl to really date. Or he's just using it as an excuse for never settling down.
"Gillies has been a dragon slayer longer than Jesus!"
"He'll never get to a princess"
"No way does he even want to!"
by the product September 13, 2005
Afterdrunk - n.: The state of having drank the night before, experienced being drunk, and then somewhere in between sleeping, drinking water, choking down a perogy and throwing up, the room starts to spin, and you feel all the sensations of originally being drunk. (Minus out that wrench in your stomach and you could actually feel good about it).
Guy #1 "I was so afterdrunk in the AM that I actually told my girlfriend I'd take her to dinner."
Guy #2 "Let's hit the bar before lunch."
by the product July 22, 2005

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