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A term used when a person has over-indulged, be it with drink or with drugs :)
"Go and talk to the chocolate elephants, what am i saying, i must be spangled!"
by Rusty Jones January 23, 2004
Someone who has done far too much Ketamine.
Mate that line was huge, im well spangled!
by a ket head March 14, 2007
see mullered
I'm spangled, me
by Dezza July 18, 2003
When your absolutely fucked on drugs and acting like a retard.
1 - "I'm spangled as fuck"
2. - "That last pip spangled the fuck out of me"
by bunchbiccedcunts May 14, 2015
off ya ed wiv drugs n dat
tekin couple ov pills n beer
by laura n kerry 05 August 25, 2005
The act of eating, shitting out, and getting generally owned by food from Spangles. Spangles is crappy burger place based in Wichita, Ks.
You hungry? No man, I just got Spangled about an hour ago, my ass is on fire.
by Badforce August 25, 2006
From the National Anthem at an OU home football game:
To shart (shit and fart at the same time) oneself.
I just spangled a little in my panties.
by Amy Kemp September 09, 2004

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