He's the guy that will say something to you that makes you want to punch him and then 5 minutes later having you wish he was yours because he makes you laugh so much, his blue eyes make you melt and he has a perverted sense of humor, but you have to admit your life would be incomplete without a Sean.
Who's Sean holding hands with?

That's his new girlfriend, what a lucky girl!
by gottaproblem March 31, 2011
v. to fuck someone on a Trampoline...
"Dude I Seaned A Girl Last Night! We Bounced Pretty High!"
a nice boy who is polite and perfect and has a cute smile and smells nice and has sweet kisses:* and is tall and cute and has a sexy northern accent and is all together wonderful! he is my one and only!
Sean is so cute!
by sean's baby(loren) June 11, 2009
The Sean species, though thought to be extinct, are still up and kicking. Known for their modesty, they often have great music taste, and a very good sense of humor. The intense charisma levels of the Sean allow them to communicate with any other beings and relate to the problems and issues of all other creatures. Seans are very likeable and are prone to succeed in anything they want to without much effort at all. Seans are also known for their loving vegetarian life style and love for the environment, hence the common nickname, "Prius of the People."

Not to be confused with Shawns or Shauns.
That guy is such a Sean! Totally richeous. I wish I was him!
by donnellyseanelly February 07, 2010
Sean is an amazingly great person, who knows how to make someone smile no matter how they feel. He is a great problem solver and not to mention he is a huge HUGE hopeless romantic, but tends to hide it. Tons of girls will fall easily for this guy! He has a great sense of humor!

He is open minded, and often times creative. He is a sweetheart and a dreamer.
I love Sean! He is so funny and such a sweet heart.
by MynameisSiennaandILOVESEAN August 05, 2011
(Noun); A man that puts himself down alot, doesn't see what so many people see in him, has many friends, is funny, silly, sarcastic, sweet, sexy, perfect in all ways, sensitive, kind, honest, trustworthy, understanding, the greatest guy on the planet, loves to help those he cares about, loving, strong, creative, the ideal man, great actor and techie, is a very hardworker, once bent a bobby pin into a heart for a girl, cooks perfect spaghetti, is always right, knows the meaning of life the universe and everything is 42, a genius, is adoreable, saved someones life, is never forotten, and is always loved by a Kirsten.
A: "Hey you see that guy over there, he is hot!"

B: "I know, dang he is such a Sean!"
by Mimzyluv April 10, 2010
Synonymous with 'Genius.'
Did you hear about his Mensa score? He's a certified Sean now.
by ProvingAPoint July 03, 2010

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