A guy with beautiful eyes and a sexy smile. He's smart and funny with a unique sense of humor that can be widely appreciated by fans of Rage comics. He's driven and hardworking, sweet and romantic. When he loves, he loves with his whole heart. His kisses are amazing and he is beyond sexy. Any girl would be lucky to have him, and I'm so thankful to be that girl. He's perfect and amazing, He's everything I could have wanted. I love him so much and can't wait to be in his arms. <3

Is loved very much by a Melissa
Jess: Who you textin'?

Me:*blushes* Sean

Jess: D'AAWWWWW!! you guys are just so damn cute!!
by perfectpuzzlepiece January 19, 2012
Sean is the type of person who is seriously such a dingus sometimes. However, he is the coolest most chill dingus you will ever meet! He's super talented, smart, weird, and amazing! He's insanely adorable and sweet. He knows how to make the best out of situations and that's what makes him so great to be around! If you get a hold of a Sean, you're pretty lucky! Oh and apparently he really knows how to piss people off...
.... oh. Hi Sean.
by homegurlmdawg June 25, 2014
Sean is the most sexiest person alive and is a amazing person and very fit. He always knows how to make you happy if you're feeling sad. He often attracts girls and usually the really hot. He is fun and can stay awake all night(If you know what I mean). Sometimes a Sean has moments of stupidity... He has a huge ass penis.
girl: WOW that was a good night

other girl: really what was his name
girl: idk he never told me, but i definitely think it was a "Sean".
by Urban D1ctionary May 17, 2014
The guy who's name you pronounced (seen) other than that he's awesome kickass guy who breaks everything. Also a Mexican porn star who swears he's not. Has such a giant dick you think you'll be riding the school bus.
Did you see that Mexican? He's such a Sean, I would ride that any day
by TreeTrunkJr April 15, 2015
The only guy I know who can surprise you day after day. Sean is a mysterious man, that you can't help but want to know more about. He's incredibly sexy. Every time you look at him you lose your breath. At times he can be a jerk but you can't help but love him. He's an amazing man and an even more amazing boyfriend. Once you get a guy like Sean, do not let him go for any reason. Sean is loyal, kind, mean, honest, caring, attractive and so much more. Sean should have a girlfriend named Kaitlin and stay with her forever because they are absolutely adorable together.
You see Sean he is so fine.
Don't mess with Sean his girlfriend will hurt you.
by -Anon K October 20, 2013
A sweet guy according to all his friends, girls tend to fall for his personality, cares about animals, family and friends. Hates Homophobes, sexists and racists. If a girl dates him they do it because of his personality. If you are a girl and are dating a blue eyed, browned haired Sean. Then you have a guy who really cares about you.
Guy 1: look at that girl talkin to sean over there, she likes him because of his personality
Guy 2: Yah he will treat her right
by Misunderstoodmisfit February 19, 2013
A brown eyed brown haired nerd who loves video games. He can be a bitch to you, then be super nice in the next two minutes... Sensitive, and smart and cool :)
Sean is a boy
by Creepystalkerdude July 29, 2014

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