A guy with brown eyes and black hair who makes you want to rip off his pants and suck on his 8 inch penis.
OMG Sean is so hot, lets suck on his dick together.
by Kimberly Lin likes nice guys January 20, 2009
The best person that has ever been alive, the hottest person and everything that you could imagine that is good.
Sean is so hot!
by Hot One! May 29, 2009
a whole lot of fun,the most awesome name on Earth,the coolest guy you will know,the sexiest as well,makes you laugh,is there when you are done and always putting smiles on peoples faces.
Sean is awesome.
Sean made my day by talking to me about my feelings.
When iI see my friend Sean he puts a smile on my face no matter what mood Im in.
by seanistheawesomest March 17, 2010
The guy that your always with. You like him, but he has no clue. You've always wanted to be the girl that he's secretly in love with. But, if you don't hurry up, someone else will take your place.
Sean is amazingly cute.
by Carmela. April 30, 2009
An awesome person, irresistible to woman, funny, caring, sweet, knows how to piss you off, make you laugh, make you hate him, make you love him, a gift from god, master of unicorns and leprechauns, exciting, riveting, cute, alive, and real, strange, smart and crazy, great kisser, sexy and lover, sporty, great dancer and singing and a alcoholic (but in a good way) who says shit drunk, good and bad but you will still love him. Sean in fact by be god, but if he was he wouldn't tell you. His favourite place is on the lounge with a beer in hand, watching sport, probably cricket

But Sean is not to be mistaken with names such as Shaun or Shawn, for they are douches and cunts they spell their names wrong.
by THEAWESOMEMAN18 August 24, 2010
A Sean is some one who exudes originality, swims in talent, creates funky cool amazing art, and is the coolest brother ever.
That guy who works in Ceres, he is such a Sean!
by anniecakes February 03, 2010
well what can i say, sean is a guy who is absolutly amazing and its hard to describe in words. he has the cutest smile and has the best kisses that are just as great as his hugs. and he has brown eyes that make you just want to sit there and stare into them. he's sexy as hell. he's a great friend and an awesome boyfriend. he knows how to make people laugh or smile when he's not even trying. he's had a past but is hopefully willing to forget about it and make a better future, but with that past he's stong and will kick anybodys ass that trys to mess with him, his family and his friends. anybody is lucky to have him in your life. i guess he's just perfect and i couldnt help but fall in love with him.
i love sean
by thatonegirl(: June 21, 2010

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