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sexiest girl ever....she needs to stop looking in the mirror when she says sexy!
Kristina is sexy and yea.
by Her Bf :P February 07, 2008
beautiful, sexy, and intelligent with a good sense of humor. loving, sincere, and trustworthy with an amazing personality. a tina has a beautiful smile enchanting eyes and a great figure with a killer ass. she is great in bed and a little kinky. she is everything a man wants in a woman
kristina is perfection

that girls a ten she must be a kristina

look at that dimepiece she must be a kristina
by davidanthony February 12, 2009
Kristina is beautiful, smart and always welcoming new people into her life. She always catches you by surprise. Kristina is always loving of her friends, but don't get on her bad side. She has the kind of beauty that when people look at her, they can't look away. Kristina can be really weird, but is super funny. She is known to make everyone have a great day always. Don't doubt Kristina, there is more than meets the eye.
"Woah look at that chick!"

"she must be a kristina"
by pacificmiddleschooltaylor(: July 17, 2009
An intelligent and sexy female with KINKY physical features. She's an extremely smart and sexy female with beauty like none other. She is funny and loves to laugh a lot. Nice, sweet, and sassy are words that go along with her name. Guys fall madly in love, head over heels for her and she attracts weird guys named PETER who does absolutely everything for her.
"OMG! do you know Kristina?!"
"hell yeah! i'm in love with her!"
by kristinaloverrrr January 20, 2009
A name from the root 'Kristin', or from the original 'Christina' with a different spelling.

Meaning: Child of Christ, Follower of Christ.
I think I'll name her Kristina.
by Kristina K. January 03, 2008
an amazingly cool person thats kindda freaky but loves life and is always is up for "anything" people refur to her as a slut but really shes just haveing fun.
guy-omg man i deff. want a kristina
girl-omg did you see her last night shes such a kritina
by Lilly*** April 13, 2008
kristina is a name given to someone who is gorgeous.she is a curious bright woman with goals and expressions that make you laugh beyond control. she is someone when your down and feeling rather shitty she can brighten even the darkest of days. this name is only given to those who only think of others and rarely of themselves. those who believe that happiness is to be deserved not just given. those who think beyond the usual. who crave for more. someone who is extreamly sexual and kinky as hell. theyre the godess of our wet dreams and the wifey we all wish we could have. kristinas are the shit. theres no arguement there.
dude 1: "man why is it every girl i meet named kristina a freak in the bed?"
guy 2: "dude its cuz all kristinas are freaks,theyre the best when it comes to women."
dude 1: "well fuck. i wanna marry this girl!"

--true story. :]
by oodlay_pudding November 21, 2010
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