A Sean is a fantastic guy who is kind and loving to an extent that he'll put himself on the line for someone else he cares about. He's beautifully handsome, with sparkling blue-green eyes. He doesn't let everyone in, but when he does they are really in. He's funny in one of the strangest ways, always making offhand jokes that really make very little sense and inappropriate times. He is a fantastic cook and an even better friend. He's usually given his heart out to one person, and he is incredibly loyal and sweet to that person. If you've got a Sean, do not let him go easily.
Forever will never be long enough for me to feel like I've had long enough with my Sean.
by cait6068430294 May 24, 2011
Hot, can be shy at times but once u know him he is like a ball of energy, really hot, really really hot, ❤️❤️😏😏😏😍😍😍😂😂😂 and he is really funny
Hey look at him he's a total Sean
by 1245919 December 22, 2013
A cool guy who gets lots of bjs and also gets loads of hot girls. He is great in bed and knows how to satisfy women. He is always around at leat 5 models banging all of them at the same time, he so hot even straight guys wanna suck him off. He also has a large penis but it isnt a monster cock.
That dude Sean always get bjs
by That Boy Who Is Cool May 08, 2013
Seans are very nice people that tend to be very shy. But once you get to know them, you see the true crazy freak they are that everyone loves. They are kind and sweet to the people they like, but if they dont like you, you'll suffer. They are strong and independant people, that you just want to hug. They will stick up for their people and they like making others smile. They are also very attractive ladies ;)
dude 1: I really wanna hug that tall guy over there, I dont know why :?

dude 2: What your feeling right now, is the powef of the seans.

dude 1: that explains so much.
by caaaaaats<3 November 07, 2013
sean is the coolest guy ever. he has dark brown eyes that make you never want to stop looking. if he messes up you just have to forgive him. if he hates you, you'll hate yourself. if you end things with him, youll want him back a minute later. you'll never want to let him go.
by golden panda April 11, 2012
Sean's can make you mad so easily, but then they get you laughing 10 seconds later. They have the oddest laughs and they are pretty good at sports. Sean's are weird, cocky, arrogant, yet they are still nice and funny. They are awesome best friends too, but they can be so overconfident! These guys are players though, so watch out! They're kinda like the guys who wheel, make-out, then dump. If you know a Sean, go out with him, be his best friend and keep him so that he can cheer you up when you're feeling down!
Girl 1: I hate Sean!
10 sec later....
Girl 1: Sean, you are so funny!
Girl 2: Sean just made out with me and then dumped me!
Girl 1: That is mean. I don't like him!
10 seconds later...
Girl 1: I love Sean!
by Artist34 December 16, 2012
the man you have always loved... who never new you were anything more then a friend. the one who gives you a big huge and says "your remind me of my sister" moments before you WERE going to tell them you loved them. he is the one who got away cause you were chicken shit cause you waited too long to tell them you real feelings. but in the end is still your friend.
what a sean, jerk!
by never_newahloe March 16, 2009
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