1. The most FRIGGING AWESOME name on earth!!!

2. Refers to anyone who is awesome in some way or another, whether they are really athletic, cool, popular, nice, or know too much for their own good.
1. Hey Sean!!!!!!!!!!
2.Whoa, that guy is so awesome; he must be a sean.
by Sicknarf007 December 15, 2008
Used to refer to a man that pampers and pleases his woman all the time. He cooks amazing food for her and her friends all the time, shows her a good time in the sack, trusts her with his hard earned money to go shopping, compliments her on her smarts and beauty daily, keeps her rolling in laughter with his goofy humor, and makes her just feel so special that a guy with his striking good looks and charm would be with her.
"If you want a good meal and a good time, go see Sean."

"She's so lucky. I wish I had a Sean too."

1."Dude that guy has one awesome chick. How did he get someone like that?"

2. "Well, he's Sean. A guy that awesome can get any chick he wants."
by Lanijani February 03, 2010
A personal shrink, someone who gives you constant advice and good advice whenever you need it. IE: Sean is the peoples Dr.Phil.
1: "Wow I have alot going on right now"
2: "You should go talk to a Sean"
1: "Dude, I totally should!"
by supersecret11 December 04, 2007
coolest most sarcastic funniest person you'll ever know
"Sean is my best friend"

"I am soooo jealous"

"word, I know"
by _OhHotD_ May 05, 2009
A sexy Brown eyed boy that makes you wish he was yours. He's so hot and sexy!
Sean is so sexy!
I just love him!
by Lauren B Schremser January 30, 2006
he's your best friend. doesn't try at school but is already to smart for his own good. his opinions and words are so worth hearing that it's okay to change yours. he will stay up with you while you are crying or mad no matter what. gives amazing hugs. loyal, trusting, caring. you can't help but to love this nerd. amazing voice, good at athletics. he has blue blue eyes and good arms. Sean's will be there..no matter what, don't let them go to soon.
Sean: What's wrong, I'm here for you.

You don't have too, it's not fair to you.

Sean: I don't care, you are my friend..come here:)
by kelso911 February 04, 2010
Sean is the name of the most loving man in the world. He is unlike any other, a man who is kind, caring, and understanding. At the same time, he is determined, firm, and strong. His heart glows with love for his girl, but most of all for the Lord he serves and glorifies. His heart attracts many, along with his sparkling eyes which add just the right touch to his incredibly handsome face.

An extremely talented writer.

The only guy in the world who will yawn at the word "yawn" and at pictures of people with their mouths open.
Any girl would kill for a Sean.
by YourGirlWhoBelieves February 04, 2010
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