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A Spanish title of address for a man, used as "Mr" would be used in English, although its meaning is closer to "lord".

Cartman produced a hand puppet styled in the likeness of Jennifer Lopez, à la Señor Wences.
by Lorelili April 04, 2007
Señor "Havin' a Little Trouble" or señor as he is called by mosr is an old character on Homestarrunner's webpage and he was from foreign lands. He kinda resembles Blu off of Fosters Home for Imagenary Friends. Señor and Mr Bland were by far the most popular characters on the show, untill they were crushed by Bubs and his concession stand.
Señor: "Oh Nebol. I'm havin' a little trouble!"
by Stephen DeFilippo December 01, 2006
Spanish word for sir or lord (not man, that´s hombre)
Señor, can you pass me the ball
by Multy_web January 28, 2010
1. A Spanish man
2. A friend of Zygote
3. A player of many PC games
1. Senor ain't playin' no games.
2. I was swallowed the teleporter of Senor today.
by Thë_Sèñór April 27, 2003
The spanish translation for "Seniors" A.K.A.- Ending the 4-year sentence of High school/College.
Chris-Dude can you believe we are finally Seniors?
Dennis-Yeah man, its been too long, Im glad we are Senors.
Chris-Senors? What the hell is that?
Dennis-Senors, you know...your last year in high school.
by Chuck Schwartz September 01, 2005
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