A degenerate young person living on social welfare payments.

Is seen to hang around street corners and outside fast food outlets or drinking in public.

Wears Tracksuit with white knockoff runners. Pants tucked into white socks.

Usually has a buzz haircut with greasy fringe.
Scumbag is often referred to as Chav in the UK
by Sarcastix August 19, 2011
greasy haired, scruffy, dirty, pizza faced (a lot of pimples), jerk.
Dean Lavoie, Evan Donlon, Mason Heath, Todd Wakefield, Scumbag.
by Woooooord. March 23, 2011
A person person who wears jean shorts in public and thinks they look good, often being held up by a blue junior crusaders football belt
I saw Big Man at Jamboree and he was dressed like a total scum bag
by thegirthbrooks May 20, 2010
a condom filled with cum
after i finished fucking her, i had 5 scumbags.
by yadiggggg October 16, 2008
A scum bag is a used condom or rubber.

The term itself is more often used to describe an individual who has a worth of equal or lesser value to a scum bag in the opinion of the one using the term.
Ewww... our hotel room has scum bags under the covers!!!

Which one of you scumbags took the last piece of pie!

That scumbag cut me off!

How not to use it: O Granny, you're such a scumbag.
by wobblyheadeddann February 20, 2006
a person who lives in or around pell lake
alicia is a fucking scumbag
by eriugeklnglkd April 16, 2009
brandon fucking m (from clifton nj) your a bipolar mother fucking asshole who snorts perks all dayyy. have fun trying to find a girlfriend you big nosedddddd mother fucker.
brandon is a fucking scumbag who likes dick
by YOURGAY. December 25, 2007

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