Its a term used in the times of our grandparents. It means a used condom.
I had to throw out the scumbag after I ejaculated in it.
by Dirrty Deez June 24, 2009
1. (n.) vulgar slang for a used condom. This nomenclature has been widely used for decades.

2. (n.) One that is disgusting, disreputable or possessing of low-life characteristics.
1. David, you've got a pile of scumbags on your night table. How about getting rid of them? The aroma is about to make me puke my guts out!

2. Did I overhear someone talking about Jessie Sue's new boyfriend? I've known him for years. He's nothing but a cock-sucking, shit-eating scumbag.
by Rick Roberson March 02, 2009
noun Slang: Vulgar.

1 .a condom.

2. a mean, despicable person.

Etymology: 20th Century: perhaps from earlier US sense: condom, from US slang,(scum = semen, + bag)
The word scumbag originally referred to a condom. Especially, a used one;
"get rid of your disgusting scumbag!", "That guy is a total scumbag!"
by vickeyrozz February 13, 2014
Scottish for police
scumbags up ahead
by MsMashed July 19, 2012
Amy Winehouse.
Amy, Take a shower you nasty scum bag!
Amy, fix your makeup.
Amy, go to rehab.

You're such a scumbag
by Yhekamnshsk July 23, 2011
a Scumbag is a boyfriend that goes and fucks someone while you're spending the day with your family on your birthday
Can you believe Chuck is such a scumbag?
by Franz B April 26, 2011
1. Irish equvilent to chavs (i.e. poor and completely oblivious to that fact that no-one likes them)

Mode of transport: "pimped" Glanza's with plastic spinners
and have windows rolled down blasting dance music "re-mixed" (aka molested) to the point that it's just white noise)

Appearance: Short greasy hair (Shaved head optional)
fringe spiked with cheap hair gel.
Nylon Nike tracksuits. Female. White and pink or purple
Male. White and Navy

Cubs tend to find enjoyment from stolen PS3's or breaking glass.

2. Natural Enemy of Emo's, Metalers etc.
(Similar relationship to that of the Snake and Mongoose)
Scumbag: check i' ow'! new spoilars!

Me: Shut the Fuck Up you Dirty Scumbag
by Will426 July 27, 2007

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