A person person who wears jean shorts in public and thinks they look good, often being held up by a blue junior crusaders football belt
I saw Big Man at Jamboree and he was dressed like a total scum bag
by thegirthbrooks May 20, 2010
A Quagmire-esque pledge who thinks he can get with hot girls but settles for unsavory women. Also uses the phrases "niiice" "giggity giggity" and "i want a pistol up my ass"
"Why isn't Joey B. doing his duty Raf?"
"He's over there talking to that babe,..kids a scumbag."
by Ryan Macks April 10, 2007
A generally non-offensive term used in some punk communities to describe a friend or aquaintance, possibly but not necessarily a traveler, staying in one's home without paying rent. A good scumbag often contributes (monetarily or with food, music, or company) to the house where they are staying and usually does not stay with the same people for an extended period of time.

Not to be confused with scumfucks (see also: oogles), who are scumbags that steal your money, smoke your cigarettes, drink your alcohol, and break bottles over heads fairly indiscriminately.
Geyl is such a good scumbag she never wears out her welcome.
by Mary of D-Town November 14, 2006
Scumbag or $cumbag is an underground rapper, well known for his brutal uttermost lyrics. His myspace page is - www.myspace.com/scumbagrap
You remember that rapper Scumbag, damn that thun's ill bra ?
by Luciano_Davies December 03, 2008
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